“ Fadeaway Shot From The Heaven ” by AZ131

The title of this song was inspired by one of my favorite basketball players Kobe Bryant, who accidentally died in a helicopter accident; his signature move was the fadeaway shot. Rap and basketball are my main hobbies. The lyrics have covered all my favorite basketball players, rappers and wordplays related to them. The biggest selling point of this song is the lyrics’ wordplays. There are lots of songs in the market where their themes are related to basketball and Hip-Hop with plain lyrics. So in order to make my song unique, I spent a lot of time working on the lyrics. As a result, almost every four lines include one wordplay. For example, there is a line in my song “Right now my car is a Mustang, one day I will lift my horse up, Become a Ferrari no hesitation to spend a couple million bucks.”

The logo of the Mustang is a running horse, and the logo of the Ferrari is the horse lifting its legs up. The change of logo express my ambition of earning more money. There are many interesting lines that are waiting for people to discover, the more audiences know Hip-Hop and basketball, the more wordplays they would understand. From the music standpoint, I made my own beat for this song. I put a chorus at the beginning to intrigue the listener’s attention. The beat of the chorus consists of three different synthesizers and electronic trap drum sets to create an energetic vibe. The bouncy rhythm and hard electronic symthesizer sounds are good in places where require energy and excitment such as gym, car, or party…The flows of this song support the song’s vibe as well and I believe this song is going to bring the listener an amazing experience.

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Artist Bio:

AZ131 currently lives in Vancouver, Canada. He is studying at the University of British Columbia, focusing on Engineering. AZ131 dives into different kinds of music, and when it comes to creating music, he loves to write Hip-hop music, especially trap subgenre. He enjoys the rhythm and flow of hip-hop, and he believes hip-hop is the best music genre to express an artist’s inner thoughts directly. In his free time, he likes to write songs and make beats by himself. Sometimes, he does a mixing job in church as well.

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