31 thoughts on “Drake "In The Bible" ft. Lil Durk, Giveon (Music Video)

  1. Bmarchai says:

    maybe he already knows, the WOMAN is the vessel, and the water in her has been turned to wine! the trees that drink from these women will be drunk and fall like her.

  2. Sarah Davies says:

    No more sin is here & here is the main stream music industry falling & the people of this planet realising the truth no more gangs no more hoes & no more money God lives eternal the father the son & he the holy spirit

  3. Cortney DeVries says:

    By believing in Yeshua/Jesus, you already are part of “spiritualism” ex. The Holy spirtit/Ghost. If your someone who claims to be saved and still thinks there’s multiple religions you are lost. In the KJV bible and also all other versions of the Holy Bible, in the book of James in its 1st chapter and 27th verse you will learn what the only religion to us who are saved is. And by saved I mean saved from death. Today, the word and supposed meaning of religion is one of Satans main and strongest strong holds on this world in which I rebuke in the name of Yeshua. For those who are truly saved, that’s all it should be, your not a Christian just as Yeshua/Jesus wasn’t either. It’s time to end the confusion and separation. If you believe Yeshua/Jesus died as a sacrifice for your sin then your saved, period. It doesn’t make u a Christian or a Catholic or a Muslim or buddaist or a Jew or anything else besides your saved from death and gifted with eternal life. Also there is only one race, the human race. We are all decedents of some of Yahweh/Gods chosen people whether it’s Ham, Shem or Japheth. If there’s anyone alive today who isn’t, they are the physical leaders of the occult/dark kingdom of the current world and they are likewise currently being overthrown and denounced and cast out and rebuked in the name of Yeshua bar Yahweh in Jesus name. Amen Selah

  4. Eric Johnson says:

    I don't know what to say, that joint is straight fire and Durk killed it mmhm was extra tight no words needed. I want to know who did that track, Drake's music is always fire damn mmhm I can get that out my head.

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