Drake Coppied My Roulette Technique?!?!?

Todays Session: Drake taking part in on 8 was tremendous enjoyable to look at! Fairly good session at this time!

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Please bear in mind to gamble responsibly. Playing is just not a strategy to generate income. Play with what you may afford and don’t go over your price range. Have enjoyable, get pleasure from your wins, and study out of your losses!



39 thoughts on “Drake Coppied My Roulette Technique?!?!?

  1. Aleksandar Milic says:

    8th is stragy of every rulet gamer not your. It's psihilogy.. and this tactic is not interesting anymore. Every video same number like copy paste video. Sry but just say.

    Nice contet but u must change something

  2. Joe says:

    Mr T, You should play the new Lighting Baccarat you would get some big big wins. Also loved the $180,000 win lol, I'm as pumped as you after getting 180 after betting $5.

  3. Cameron Merkt says:

    Why would u ever play such big bets on regular roulette when u got better odds for multis on lightning roulette… instead of 36k wins potential 50-500xs on same bets just kinda dumb in my opinion

  4. Ash sood says:

    Hey brother watching you from day 1 please dont waste 100k like that do a big giveaway or something as it will change lives .Good content bro keep it up

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