Dance Release of ‘Oh Happy Day’ Set to Ignite the Summer Season

BOSTON, Mass. — British artists Dr Jaymz & Costas Costa have just released the world’s first dance cover of the timeless gospel classic ‘Oh Happy Day.’ Originally performed by the Edwin Hawkins Singers, the song became an international hit and the second best-selling gospel song of all time. It has also featured in several popular films, including Martin Lawrence’s ‘Big Momma’s House’ and Whoopi Goldberg’s ‘Sister Act 2,’ making this new version instantly recognizable to audiences worldwide.

This fresh take on ‘Oh Happy Day’ kicks off with funky guitar grooves, vibrant strings, dynamic drums, and soulful harmonies, blending dance-pop and gospel elements. The result is a joyful sound designed to light up the summer season.

We chose to release a dance cover of ‘Oh Happy Day’ because it’s a timeless classic with an authentic gospel message. As the first dance version of the song, we believe audiences worldwide are in for a treat. Our goal is to spread happy fever across the globe!” — Dr. Jaymz


This new release stands out among today’s top dance-pop tracks, showcasing the unique artistry of Dr Jaymz.


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