Christine Remake? Rob Zombie Rebooting The Munsters & More | Entertainment News

On this week’s FlickNews Austin Putnam discusses John Carpenter’s Christine getting a remake, Rob Zombie rebooting the Munsters, and far more leisure and film information!

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Rob Zombie

6 thoughts on “Christine Remake? Rob Zombie Rebooting The Munsters & More | Entertainment News

  1. Redneck Garage Kentucky says:

    Dude I’m on the same level as you I hope they go more towards the book because I like listening to the book on audio and closing my eyes and imaging what’s happening in my mind like watching a movie I’m so excited I can’t wait dude I really can’t I’m a die hard Christine fan boy I can say every line word for word of John carpenters take on Christine love the story but I want to see Rollys ghost actually in the movie like Steven King had originally put the image in our minds from his book don’t get me wrong love the movie but I love the book better in my opinion because there’s so much more to the story that had me on the edge of my seat I hope they show Arnie actually driving Darnells car to take loads of cigarettes and coke out of town and buddy and Arnie fighting in Darnells garage and also how when buddy busted Christine headlight out it killed rolly and the real way she killed buddy by chasing him threw the snow and his camaro blowing up and rollys ghost running up to him and giving him a heart attack and also show petunia the pink sewer truck to

  2. Tony K says:

    Rob Zombie is a huge fan of The Munsters.
    He mention that he always dreamed about making a new movie of The Munsters and now he's finally doing it.

  3. Nigel Buckham says:

    Remakes, prequels, sequels, re imagined and crap. Dumbed down, woke and so SPFX laden its frankly boring.
    IMO the best movies are ones from plays. This means it has to be script driven and therefore well written, character driven and more thought provoking.
    Film fans usually gravitate to foreign and older films because they are better written, see things in a more original way and treat the audience with having more intelligence.
    Hollywood has eaten itself for years. Tired of taking a chance even though there are millions of great books, by some fairly unknown authors out there
    Escapism has been replaced by the fear of offending or failure. The staggering budgets are embarrassing and disgraceful and all to produce the mundane, mediocre and quickly forgotten.
    Although TV has been producing padded series to make money on the DVDs it has produced some staggeringly great items too.
    Face it, no one goes to the cinema now. Once treated with respect the loud, annoying and mobile phone obsessed audience idiots you meet now discourage that once so exciting trip to the cinema. Now you can watch the movie for free, just a few weeks later online.
    There are no queues anymore. Overhyped the trailers give away too much to the dedicated movie fan and the movies on release never, ever, live up to the hype.
    I can watch 5 older movies (1945-1965) and think I'll buy 2 of them, 2 are worth the effort and just 1 is bad. Modern films? I would be lucky to find 1 I'd buy. 1 is worth the effort and the rest are outright crap.

  4. Mobile Hobo says:

    There's so many books that need to be made into movies like Brian Keene's The Rising and City of the Dead and Richard Laymon's the beast house series and The Traveling Vampire Show instead of remaking the same ol 💩

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