“ Auroville ” by Pios Phantom

Music and spirituality run through the life blood of lyricist and band leader Balarama. A creative that sits at the nexus of Love, Peace and Music, he combines everything that is good in this world under the pseudonym Pios Phantom. Originally from a small town in Germany and a man who surfs many musical genres, the group moves between the sounds of Power Pop, Pop Punk, Classic Rock, Brit Pop, Electronica and everything that sits in between.

They intelligently craft stories that are drawn from a brilliant canvas and talk to the vibrancy of life in all its magnificence. This is not the throwaway pop of today’s disposable generation. With every nuanced sound Pios Phantom encourages listeners to seek the true essence of life. Exploring the world around you free from the bonds that hold you back, the band’s releases speak to freedom, lifestyle changes, voyages of destiny, protest songs and divine love of oneself.

Inspired by its cultural legends and natural amphitheatre of creation, he weaved those themes through tracks in songs like The Wilhelm Rocks, The Kopps Cliff, The Black Stone, Ohm Ste, The Celtic Rock, Muttony Stone, Hiobs Stream, Silversea, and The Voyagerman.

Combined with his love of classic bands like The Beatles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Dire Straits, Oasis, Roxette and Green Day amongst others, it is hardly surprising that the songs the group releases are sophisticated and at the same time immensely infectious. OM SHANTI OM

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