Apple Dynamic Island iPhone 14

Apple Dynamic Island unveiled on the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. So on September media event with new camera features, more power and an always-on display.

Apple Dynamic Island unveiled on the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. So on September media event with new camera features.

Apple Dynamic Island: this is how the Notch changes

The first novelty that catches the eye on the front and concerns the Notch which replaced by a new notch, or rather pill, which integrates perfectly with the operating system to provide a dynamic interface.

Apple calls it Dynamic Island and makes it available throughout the operating system to provide confirmations, notifications and other essential information in a totally dynamic and constantly evolving way, also integrating an even more performing front camera.

Starting with Face ID, right through to music playback and call information, the notch fits best. There is no lack of support for third-party apps, so as to allow all developers to perfect their user experience.

Always-On Display: the debut on the iPhone 14 Pro

The new Apple Dynamic Island plus the new display larger and brighter with a peak of 1600 nits for HDR content and a peak of 2000 nits for outdoor use, in order to compensate for intense sunlight.

In addition, the always-on display arrives for the first time on the iPhone which, combined with the new iOS 16 lockscreen, guarantees the best possible experience for users. Also the new cover case are ready to take!

A16 Bionic: the power of the iPhone 14 Pro

The new chip that drives the iPhone 14 Pro is called the A16 Bionic and offers 16 billion transistors. Designed and built at 4 nanometers, this chip is the most powerful ever seen on a smartphone and is capable of outpacing its competitors by 40%. The CPU is 6 cores (2 high performance cores – 4 high efficiency cores) with a full day battery for all daily tasks.

The GPU is 5-core and offers greater fluidity to all graphics operations and games. Also comes the Display Engine for the new feature Apple Dynamic Island. So, the engine that best manages the display to provide the best possible experience.

When it comes to photos, Apple’s Pro Camera system harnesses the full power of the A16 Bionic to open a new era in iPhone photography.

Apple Dynamic Island unveiled on the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. So on September media event with new camera features.

Apple Dynamic Island and 48MP camera

The iPhone camera becomes 48MP for the first time and offers a quad-pixel sensor to completely renew the user experience. The system best suited for each photo to be taken, providing maximum detail in all optimal light conditions. While maintaining the benefits of 12MP for low-light photos, while still guaranteeing twice the performance of the iPhone 13 Pro.

The images seen during the presentation bode well and offer an incredible level of detail. All these MPs then allow the system to automatically adapt the frame, with the right crops, to also provide a full resolution 2x digital zoom. The lenses remain the same, therefore 0.5x, 1x and 3x, as on the iPhone 13 Pro. In any case, the same improved, as for the new ultra-wide angle that offers better performance even in macro photography.

Obviously the new sensor, Apple Dynamic Island together with the new processing algorithm. Supports the ProRAW format for maximum editing versatility for professionals. Finally, the flash adapts perfectly to various types of shots. Offering more lighting power for low-light photos taken with the telephoto lens.

Emergency satellite connectivity

Although the design has not changed too much compared to the iPhone 13 Pro, Apple Dynamic Island aside. There are many internal changes that make it the most powerful top of the range ever seen in the Apple lineup. And if in the USA it is no longer possible to use physical SIMs. The model on sale in other parts of world will be able to count on both the SIM slot and the eSIM.

As seen also on the iPhone 14, the Pro model can also have access to satellite connectivity. For satellite emergencies, with an incredible series of hardware, software and infrastructure optimizations. Capable of providing greater security to all users who venture often. Outdoors, maybe even with Apple Watch Ultra.