“ anxietyscope ” by t dot est

t dot est is a project created in Stavanger in 2014, by definition experimenting with genres such as IDM, folk, ambient, electronica and jazz.

The guests list at his albums include: Jexus, Susan Jara, Jakub Zytecki, Simen Kiil Halvorsen, Julie Hasfjord, Cinar Timur, Szymon Mika, Koshiro Hino, Shohei Kudo, Demskyand many other.

So far, over 10 albums, 1 EP and a dozen singles t dot est have been released

by ONIONWAVE, RUSKA BURSA and ADDICTED TO MUSIC. Each disc is the so-called “concept album”, wherein

in addition to the main topic, many instrumental solutions appear as well as assumptions in recording technology

and audio mix. Thanks to this, each album has its original content sound and stands out both in terms of composition, orchestration and spectrum.

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