7 apps to download free music on Android NOT TO BE MISSED!

How to listen to free music online. 7 Best applications to download free music on Android.

Listen to free music from Spotify SoundCloud YouTube Music Amazon Music Deezer MusixHub.

Download free music where can I find it?

Music plays a fundamental role in our life, we can listen to it at any time even while studying or working.

free music

In moments of leisure, playing sports, while we are on the beach listening to music helps us to relax and, generally, we do it from our mobile phone.

We listen to music from the phone because it is an instrument that is always with us at any time of the day and we can use it to listen to music.

With apps like YouTube, YouTube Music or Spotify to name the most common platforms, (without forgetting Amazon Music) we can stream it.

Obviously this involves data consumption and not everyone has an unlimited connection or has a Wi-Fi connection available.

That is why today we will see a series of applications to download music and be able to save your favorite songs on your phone and listen offline.

Downloading free music will allow you to listen to it when you are offline.

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Download unlimited free Mp3 music

With this Whim Music application you will be able to search for free music online, even the podcasts you like and get the latest trends of the moment.

With the app you can search for the most wanted artists, you can listen to the top charts and listen to them without having to pay. You can even search by voice!

Use the application to download the music you like and be able to listen to it at any time.

A feature of this app is that you can sync and download your entire music library located on Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox and listen to music offline.

Remember that you can also access podcasts!

You have an option to sync and manage personal playlists and browse your pre-selected playlists from within the application itself.

You can also do this with music from all your devices and subscriptions. Above all, it is a free music download app.

With Whim Music you can listen to the best artists and albums of the moment or if you prefer you can create your own playlists with your favorite songs.

If you don’t want to do anything, let the app decide for you, you just have to choose a playlist already created in the app that matches your mood or receive personalized recommendations.

Jamendo free music download

Thanks to this application you can download free music in MP3 format quickly and easily.

Both the app and how it works were developed by Cagluco Investments.

According to its creators, you will be able to stream music and download any song that you can find on the app.

The developers clarify that their use must NOT be commercial, but for personal use and enjoyment, without economic return.

Once you browse the app you will see that it is simple and easy to use, among its main features we can highlight the rich catalog of music.

Genres like Pop, Rock, Rap, RnB, Dubstep, Drum, are the main categories but if we are looking for instrumental songs you can find those too.

You will be able to find instrumental music such as guitar, piano, violin, drums, synthesizer, saxophone and many more.

You will find what you need thanks to its search engine.

Over a million free music to download

At your disposal more than a million songs in MP3 format of good quality.

You will be able to read the lyrics and download the songs for free and even more than one at a time.

You can search for them by genre, artist name, instrument or album, among other options.

The application incorporates a player that includes a music synthesizer to listen to music in all shades of tonality.

It also offers functions such as cutting songs to use as ringtones, recording ambient sounds, etc.

With more than a million MP3 songs from all over the world, you won’t find famous artists, and a good collection of unknown artists.

If you give it a chance you may discover some real gems that will hopefully soon be in the radio charts.

All music is in high definition HQ format and all songs are completely free.

You can listen and download them for free and their use must not be commercial, download music for free and enjoy!

MP3 Hunter – Download music

The name is nothing original, and reminds us of past times of illegal downloads of dubious origin.

When we open the application, a message clearly appears informing us that we will only find titles and songs with a Creative Commons license.

The interface is quite simple and low on resources, but very functional.

Likewise, with this application you will not find first-rate or famous artists of the moment, but you will be able to discover new talents

Thanks to the search by categories, you can find and download music tracks of any genre, whether rock, pop, classical, rap and many others.

With its integrated search engine you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Best of all, you can use hashtags to find the song that fills your ears with musical notes.

Websites to download free music directly

The following websites offer free music to download, without any strings attached.

You don’t need to open accounts, best of all they don’t include ads.

Enter, download what you want and keep it on your mobile or PC forever.

This is a free music site, all the music that is posted is free and so you can download it freely.

Inside you have more than 55,000 music tracks from all genres. It is mainly based on the indie genre of artists who want to make themselves known.

The best thing about this website is that as it contains unknown groups. And Spotify is possible to promote.

You can use the forum or IRC chat to find advice from other users, if language is a problem just use the translator.

Listen to music directly on the web. If you discover one you like, hit the download button and download it to your phone.

Today, there are quite a few free and free music radio stations left and they share their music catalog with the whole world.

One of the most popular in the world is the WMFU.

Their entire music collection is available for free download, with permission from their authors.

A vast media library at your fingertips with thousands of songs collected over decades, including live recorded music.

Also you can find remixes and bonus content that will surprise you.

There are also study subjects of mythical groups who have given up their rights for our delight.

To find the music on the site, all we have to do is go to the menu and find it sorted by musical genre, all the music it contains.

It is undoubtedly one of the best websites to download totally free music.


As a result of the association between the Internet Archive and etree.org, which offers high-quality live music, Live Music Archive was born.

It is an archive where you will find more than 190,000 songs from countless artists, big stars of many genres.

Search by keywords, year or music genre, and filter results by views or date posted.

You can find concerts that can only be listened to in streaming, but there are also many others that can be downloaded.

You just have to access the detail file and the Download Options section, where you can see the formats available for download.