20 thoughts on “VV – Saturnine Saturnalia

  1. Vivecka Berreondo says:

    Verse 1]
    Hearts haunted roar relentlessly
    'Neath the funereal moon
    Spellbound, we circle around a dream
    Of hope untombed

    [Chorus 1]
    Love the Saturnalia, Saturnine
    The Earth chokes on bitter wine
    From a cup that will never run dry

    Love the Saturnalia, Saturnine

    [Verse 2]
    Call me into the corner of a hellscape blue
    In nighttime hue
    There is no end to the hurting
    I love you

    [Chorus 1]
    Love the Saturnalia, Saturnine
    The Earth chokes on bitter wine
    From a cup that will never run dry

    [Chorus 2]
    Love the Saturnalia
    Libation for failure
    Love the Saturnalia, Saturnine

  2. Encarni Love Metal says:

    Thank you very much for your music, Ville, I really appreciate the people who pour their souls and hearts into each of their songs.♡

    Muchas gracias por tu música, Ville, aprecio realmente a las personas que vierten sus almas y corazones en cada una de sus canciones.♡


  3. Chandler McBee says:

    This is like a cross between “Dark Light” and “Venus Doom” I love it. I do wish for another 10 minute epic like sleepwalking, though.

  4. Olya Norb says:

    Ville sang beautiful Finnish songs and even released an album. Why is everyone talking about coming back? This song also doesn't sound like HIM. Everyone is happy.I hope Ville is also happy, healthy and does what he likes

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