VV – Saturnine Saturnalia (Lyrics)

Saturnine Saturnalia by VV (Ville Valo)

From the EP “Gothica Fennica Vol. 1”
Launched on: March 19, 2020


ville valo

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  1. "The Earth chokes on a bitter whine" so relevant right now LOL

  2. Teresa Fulloption

    Thank You so much, I was look ing for this…..😊 great job!

  3. Majhari De León

    Hermoso… gracias

  4. Valeria Antoniotti

    Slow and esthatic…fantastic ❤

  5. God I just love Villie so much. I want to marry that man.

  6. The sweetest wine has now turned bitter, long may it be so. Like that wine was once, the new VV is now corked, mature and beautiful.

  7. 💖🦇💖🦇💖🦇💖

  8. Hiphopfan Foreverandever

    Kovaa gospelia!

  9. Finally the voice of an angel is back .

  10. OoooMG, Ville's voice, Ville's voice…!!!

  11. I love you tooo… ville… just dont come to see me 😀 😀 no, seriously.. . i love them thick and big as I am 😀 but thats true esoteric poetry so great im only allowed to listen to it with a bottle of "therapist" 😀 loving the saturnalia … not really knowing what it means because my saturn is in scorpio in the fifth house so pain and suffer and your fuckin father ruins your life… so sth like that. bye bye

  12. "There is no end to the hurting. I love you"… I love you too Ville. Always have for the last 14 years.

  13. Official Lyrics:

    Hearts haunted roar relentlessly
    'neath a funereal moon
    Spellbound we circle around a dream
    of hope untombed

    Love a Saturnalia Saturnine,
    the Earth chokes on bitter wine
    from a cup that will never run dry
    Love a Saturnalia Saturnine

    Kohl me into the corner of a hellscape blue in night-time hues
    There is no end to the hurting – I love you

    Love a Saturnalia
    Libation for failure

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