Ville Valo on the age of 27: About Jaegermeister and casting

March 2003: Exclusice interview with Ville Valo (Singer of “HIM”) about Berlin, Jaegermeister, music, casting exhibits and and dying on the age of 27.


ville valo

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source Giorgos Sabanis


  1. Killing it with these uploads 😊

  2. Very cool old interview with Ville! Love HIM and his new EP too 🖤

  3. Omg thank you you’re amazing.🥺 If you have more ville valo content post please

  4. Sally Brittany Devilgirl Valentine

    I wish he was brand new be younger❤

  5. My green sky, anhel this my life… 💙

  6. This is 2004, not 2003 like it says in the description. He's talking about the compilation album, And love said no. And he had this look in 2004 😉 .

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