“I Discover This Line To Be Extraordinarily Insensitive and Disrespectful”



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10 thoughts on “Vanessa Bryant Responds To Rapper Meek Mill Disrespectful

  1. Linda Mack says:

    Please do not disrepect knobes memory Vanessa his wife children and the world is still grieving why would you do such a thing couldn't you use someone else name Im sure you wouldn't want this for yourself it was her baby with her dad and seven other stop and have the decency to do the right thing if you know how but if had any this wouldn't have happened no respect at all.

  2. no mo says:

    Vanessa is still in mourning over the death of her husband Kobe and her beloved daughter Gigii. Meek you have no shame or morals . Seek your heart and understand what you did .😢👎😡

  3. Sherrod Tawanda says:

    Hey Meek get yourself togerher don't disrespect Kobe or his wife and kids man you are alful .Vanessa just lost her husband & daughter 1 year ago so how could you be so damn cold

  4. Diana Sun says:

    We feel so devastated for this rapper Meeks. What he said about Kobe. This is so disgraceful. For you Vanessa, Natalia, Bianka, Capri. We know that you and are still mourning for loss of Kobe and Gigi loss. We are also in mourning with you too. We are always praying to God that you and family be stronger for each other.

  5. Joann Hardy says:

    I feel sorry for Vanessa she never did nothing but stay home and be a good mom
    and hold the family together now all this sad stuff is happening to her even when Kobe cheated she held the family together in life now she's doing it in death she is truly one of the strongest women I have ever known this is just so beyond sad.😓

  6. Jackie cannady Cannady says:

    Why,why, you had to leave so soon Kobe it's been 1 year since you been gone it is so messed up that people are disrespectful to Vanessa and your girls, all I know God is on his way back keep your head up v God got you and his girls and Kobe and Gigi are smiling down on you the way you are still holding the family together

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