#1244 – “Valentina” – Melodic Guitar Rap Beat | New Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2020, by Moroccan 🇲🇦 producer Jasen. #Instrumentals | 💰 Buy (No Tags) ➜

🎶 Beat Tempo – 98 BPM.
📷 Picture by Maxi Segovia. 📍 Santiago, Chile 🇨🇱

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Instrumental: “Valentina” by Jasen.

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35 thoughts on “"Valentina" – Melodic Guitar Rap Beat | New Hip

  1. Zoko Dog says:

    Do you think it’s a king when it distorts
    Get you off the thing, off this porch
    Get the soft end of the stick, off, tip-top
    I’m not a Roddy Ricch, yuh
    Probably sicker than Louis Tomlinson’s damn walls of bricks, uh
    I have to smash through
    Something on my mouth
    Better be a cashew
    Now who said “Cash? Ew!”
    More of a Denzel then hell said TABOO
    Damn Zuu
    I got something more Imperial than this statue
    Like it’s week, vile, I can’t say something that’s not
    Negative, but this was a freestyle, made up on the spot

  2. Benaka crazed says:

    I aint gods gift, im gods spit. you want it come get mic check i reck the fires lit so if iz dammed as time is im here to ride out with six foot sized legs cant squish me side step i live my life dredd this crazy mind prepped can save me wise blessed i seen the light flick i aint coming back yet cant stop the chime pressed game got me tied in im lost im pissd what was a lie yeah i dont got to cry wrecked watch me cross my eyes rest like i lost the fight stripped they mocked my pride strength i gots to write there's nothing ive left

  3. jason gaylord says:

    its her motha fucking birthday
    get the bloody money its the fucking work day
    u just buddy buddy even if they werent aye
    u just trippin but they always fucking hurt may
    step aside and they always tryna lurke ways

    they be tripping
    they be killing
    on a cursed day
    they dont understand the reasons why i jerked away
    had to take the next flight
    cuz they knew even they werent ok

    my last bar was confusing and they couldnt stay
    spitting for some ladies its amusing and they couldnt hate
    nigga why u even hating
    nigga why u celebrating
    why u hitting ur chest
    u not an ape
    so get to get to baking

    (loving my youth)

  4. Vincent Miera says:

    Hey thier,
    Why don't you stare
    Never really wanted to compare
    Going through this phase
    Can I decide which way
    Every time I look, she booked her stay,
    Never really wanted to compare
    Going through this phase
    Can I decide which way
    Every time I look, she booked her stay,
    Everytime i feel the urge, what do I really deserve,
    What hurts the most to see,
    Is your feelings never been thier for me,
    Cant you just hurt me it feels better to me,
    Each faze, each maze, which way,
    Everytime she looks made
    Can I say
    (Can you say crazy to me)

    Over what
    Can you see
    Nothing I feel apart of me
    Through each fill I get the thrill
    Never knew but I feel ill
    Illusions at conclusion
    What may I feel
    Is this real nothing but
    You I can see.
    Nothing but this place
    Is it your face
    Maybe what grace?

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