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On this clip, Too $hort spoke about fatherhood and what it was like turning into a dad on the ripe age of 52. He talked about how he reconciles his previous, significantly his rap lyrics, with having a daughter now and what he plans to show her concerning the world.
Later, Too $hort weighed in on the Boosie x Lori Harvey controversy and offered an alternate tackle why somebody would possibly truly wish to spouse somebody like Lori regardless of her extremely publicized courting historical past.


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33 thoughts on “Too Brief on Being a First-Time Dad at 52, Having a Daughter

  1. Steffon Reed says:

    If you remember during his last Vlad interview, they talked about him not having kids at his age. He alluded to having someone pregnant bc his words were something along the lines of β€œI’m working on it”. Literally a few months after that clip the news of him having a kid broke. During his last interview he knew he was getting ready to be a dad.

  2. Ms Wms says:

    I respect the honesty…. being a father is a commitment to the CHILD … not the other parent. Let's be honest about the world we live in TODAY πŸ€” some women use children as banks to profit off their pregnancy, to secure their financial future for 18 years. Being able to pose your child on social media in designer clothes and expensive strollers is not for the child it's for the clout. Too Short being honest about wanting to live his life first πŸ’― is real talk and I applaud him for that πŸ‘πŸΌ

  3. Johnny Bravo says:

    Maybe short was shoot in blanks… Pullout don't work dat long…. Nigga I pulled out and now I have a son dats 2 months… If u potent u potent… If she potent she potent… Da pill, r shot, r tubes tied, r no sex d only way… He prob got a operation

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