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On this clip, Too $hort spoke about fatherhood and what it was like turning into a dad on the ripe age of 52. He talked about how he reconciles his previous, significantly his rap lyrics, with having a daughter now and what he plans to show her concerning the world.
Later, Too $hort weighed in on the Boosie x Lori Harvey controversy and offered an alternate tackle why somebody would possibly truly wish to spouse somebody like Lori regardless of her extremely publicized courting historical past.


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33 thoughts on “Too Brief on Being a First-Time Dad at 52, Having a Daughter

  1. HYMN KING says:

    Salute to this black king. there's nothing like being a father. I have three man I love my kids to death. 💯👊🏾 That's not true too short I got it son. 🤣🤔 Damn glad do you get it he's talking about the game. you are not in the game. so you wouldn't understand this. 🤣

  2. Kenneth Jacobs says:

    I feel like we are steering away from that you have to have kids in your early 20s. I just had my first child at 34 and it was the perfect time for me. I had my fun out in the skreets and I was actually ready for one.

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