29 thoughts on “THEY HATE EMINEM CUZ HE'S WHITE!!!

  1. witchcraft says:

    Nowadays my perspective about Hip Hop, that there seems to be a problem that not alot of dudes want to evolve anymore with writing. Alot less lyricist popping up these days, but when we take Kendrick Lamar to the table for example, he really wanted to take the pen game to the max and want to study it constantly. Sounds hella good. Tbh it's a bit of a taboo to say but fuck the dircetion where rap is going, we need more people that really want to break the odds!!👍👍

  2. Ben Dover says:

    I'm sure the old heads in rap the hate is race related and they young kids cause he's calling out the bullshit the rap game is becoming cause of mumble rap, he's like the biggest openly critical of mumble rap and the young punks that got one hit so fat don't like being called out on their bullshit by a 50-60 year old white guy and also because of his stance on mumble rap and other reasons people with big platforms trying to push him out to push the mumble rap shit and both of those facts would make our countries race relations way worse then they are now all this shit in the media is a ploy to keep us all divided, same people that run the media run the country behind the scenes.

  3. jennifer sharp says:

    Ive always said to any one who says they think em is trash,that they clearly havent actually HEARD his lyrics. All his stuff is fire in one way or another. And to do it like he did when he did then continue to smash it just shows hes always been set for greatness

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