The . Rapper Label

The . Rapper Label – Now, the . rapper label is one thing that impacts (you guessed it) . rappers. Or no less than individuals who’ve been positioned on this . rapper field. The stigma surrounding being one is clearly very robust, however what does it imply for a . rapper? That is what I speak about.

On this video I speak concerning the . rapper label.

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  1. Seth #traplife#sodmg

    Ricegum the realest youtube rapper 😤💯💯💯

  2. DAX is trash

  3. Just because he big don't mean he good

  4. I'm here after JJ dropped the album and I'm laughing so hard at this video

  5. All jjs fans remember ksi the gayest guy diss

  6. JJ is at a good spot right now he can try harder but he doing well in my opinion

  7. i think with quadeca we say he is a rapper that makes youtube videos ksi is a YouTuber who raps because quedca was known for his rapping ksi for FIFA(no offense)

  8. I think that the youtube cypher can help define who is a youtube rapper.

  9. hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe

    unpopular opinion: tmg are the exact opposite of quadeca in terms of priorities

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