The Mysterious Life Of Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie has been in a position to make lightning strike a number of instances in his profession. From working as a musician to his success as a director, Zombie has achieved all of it!

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The intro music is from my band, One Extra Slice:

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rob zombie

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  1. how awesome would it be if dimebag darrell played some for rob's solo records

  2. Did he say rob and Shawn had broken up

  3. Pee Wee's Play House Lol

  4. 3:30 who else notices the auto tune?

  5. Soooo dreamy 🤗🥰

  6. How is this mysterious?

  7. I have to say “Zombie” is an upgrade from “Cummings”

  8. This guy is a demon…

  9. He looks just like the dude o. The zigzag papers in my jeans jacket I kept as a sensimennal journey memorabilia. Listening to his music
    Motivates my living dead ass though too, so ,that's why I put his needle on my records. He makes ballet more intense. I use him to decompress my articulated slanted arthritic bones.

  10. This is the Beginning

    R. Zombie is a Fraud and Poser. He SUED a skate park in Conneticut for making too much noise. He stated that the noise was affecting his quality of life, lol. The ironic paet is his neighbors didnt mind , many saying that kids/teens dont have many constructive places to go.
    After some bad press, he dropped the lawsuit for the "Kids", its always for the Kids.
    I want all to think about that whenever seeing R. Zombie .

  11. Rob Zombie made some classic unique horrors! m/

    I loved his remake on Halloween in 2007!

  12. Some of my favorite childhood memories, Rob Zombie and Twisted Metal

  13. Think someone changed the definition of "mysterious" when I wasn't looking.

  14. Is there a scene in House of a Thousand Corpses where the chick is running through a corridor of razor blades?

  15. i will answer a question nobody asked, "living dead girl" and "superbeast" are on my spotify playlist

  16. this dude santanic geek

  17. He has a point about a few things I agree with… actually quite an interesting dude

  18. Formally known as Rob

    Rob didnt add anything to rock lol. Just read his lyrics. The music itself isnt bad

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