Unusual Lands (2020 Reissue)

The Lunar Impact are a psychedelic rock band from London
A Ballad For The Tin Man (2020 Reissue) 05:16
Jack & Jill (2020 Reissue) 05:16
Into The Ether (2020 Reissue) 09:00
Sleepyhead (2020 Reissue) 14:07
New Traces (2020 Reissue) 18:04
So Far Gone (2020 Reissue) 20:43
Molecular Curiosity (2020 Reissue) 24:56
Sail For The Moon (2020 Reissue) 28:57

The 2020 reissue of Unusual Lands options reworked and various track takes in addition to 2 new authentic songs, all remixed and remastered. Plus a canopy of Leafhound’s Freelance Fiend which is restricted to the vinyl version solely.
launched November 26, 2020


brant bjork

24 thoughts on “The Lunar Impact – Unusual Lands (2020 Reissue) | Full Album

  1. Thomas Carter says:

    Very nice touch. Puts me in a great place. 420 and chill and the rest of the music will help you with the problems of the day, slip away. Tommy Tombstone. Fort smith arkansas 72903

  2. Sukotto Shinobe says:

    Man I remember not too long ago in the late 90s and early 2000s being a teenager and actually having to do so much homework to learn about different bands. Going to the record store to look through different albums and CDs and trading with your friends to educate yourself was half the fun. And going to shows. If there was a computer with internet connection in your house it was a luxury. Now I’m amazed at how many bands I have discovered in just the last six months from this channel. And you would have never found this stuff at record stores. Almost always sooo good. Good stuff🤘

  3. Pete M says:

    What other good music promotion YouTube channels do y'all listen to? I only know a few:
    -Stoned Meadow of Doom (Stoner Rock, Heavy Psych, Doom Metal)
    -The Bong Druid Of Mammoth Weed Mountain (Heavy Psych Rock, Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal, Space Rock, Stoner Doom, Doom Metal, Desert Rock, Hard Rock, Sludge Metal )
    -Rock U Billy (Rockabilly, Psychobilly,Surf-Rock, Rock N' Roll)

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