The Insane Guitar Abilities of JOHN MAYER & KEITH URBAN

John Mayer & Keith City = a match made in guitarheaven

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Alexander Winston
Andre Cadieux
Alfred Li
Ben Keeling
Ben Robinson
Bert Molina
Invoice Hunt
Capoo Polacco
Carles Muntaner
Chris Spann
Christopher R. Wilson
Dale Richardson
Dallas Gilmore
Dan O’ Leary
Dave Hearn
David O’ Meilia
David E
David Mazzarella
David Peter
David Simmons
Dean Hill
Dell Dell
Deniz Corapci
Dissard Patric
Physician Ixtlan
Don Willis
Douglas O’ Brien
Dwayne Shults
Dwight Wheeler
Earl Robbins
Ed Roman
Edward Houghton
Elmon Ferguson
Enrique Oliveros
Enzo Didomenico
Gary Black Vary Logdge
Geoffrey Stilwell
George McCann
George Ryan
Glen Gary
Gregor Staub
Guilherme Lacerda da Costa
Man Sloane
Harry Wheoki
Isaac sulimany
Istvan Boglutz
Izzy Phoreal
Jarosław Morawski
James Jameson
Jason Kolot
Jayl F
Jayme Neto
Jean-Pierre Schoutens
Jeff Johnsons
Jeff Kordenbrock
Jeffry Snelders
Jens Brater
Jim Fuentes
Jim Hildebrandt
Joe Dean
John Chaney
John Connelly
John Lanton
Jon Anders Røise
Joseph McCarthy
Keith Caton
Kerrey Buser
Kevin Hoctor
Child Plunger
Kim Carrim
Larry Ross
Ludovic Iochem
Luke Williams
Marc De Free
Mark Bonham
Mark Lindsey
Mark Sharpe
Markus Meyer
Martin Rexius
Martyn Gebhard
Matthias Lappe
Matthias Schaad
Meni Biton
Michael Carnevale
Micheal Morris
Michael Polizzi
Michael Younger
Michaela Witte
Mick Sawtell
Myles Wimmer
Narciso Sotomayer
Nick Cobb
Nino Moscardini
Pablo Ibarra
Patrick Mockel
Paul Park
Paul Roberts
Paul Woestelandt
Peter Tilberg
Phillips Schwalm
Phillip Callender
Wealthy Mason
Richard Schneehagen
Rick Baraniuk
Rick Pattinson
Robert Brown
Robert Jornayvaz
Robert Keogh
Ryan Anthony
Seb Ods
Seppo Immonen
Serge Severin
Shane Stout
Shokry Bidair
Stephen Reeve
Soren Ledet
Terry Harper
Thomas Entecott
Timothy Barnhart
Tom Kosinski
Tommy Rasmussen
Tony Danielsson
Tore Johan Olaussen
Ulrich Storck
Wade Watson
Wallace Marsh

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  1. Those tones, urgghh! That's why Fender strats is one of the best guitars.

  2. Their voices compliment each other really well

  3. Brad Paisley is on caliber with both of these awesome players

  4. Their crossroads concert really shows this off as well

  5. Stick with my blues, brother.

  6. The amount of detail, structure of this video. Immediate subscribe

  7. Marcos Alburez Leon

    Good video bro, please something of David Gilmour 👽

  8. Guitar Pilgrim, do please a video about Buddy Guys style. Love your content. 🙂

  9. Keagan Fauntleroy

    Roy Clark (RIP), Jerry Reed (RIP), Vince Gill, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban are and will go down as some of the best guitarists of all time regardless of genre. Just ask most mainstream shredders who their main inspiration was and I guarantee at least half of them say Roy Clark. Put it this way. Roy would make Jimi Hendrixs’ guitar skills look like child’s play. Hell, Metallica even has a song loosely based off Roys famous blues boogie

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