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00:00 Cantina Band
01:08 Imperial March
03:08 Duel of the Fates
04:19 Primary Titel Theme
05:47 Rescue of the Princess
07:17 Cantina Band 2
08:33 Ben’s Dying and TIE Fighter Assault
09:53 Binary Sundown
10:58 Battle of the Heroes
12:27 The Droid Invasion
13:42 Throughout the Stars

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Composed by Closed on Sunday
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Artwork and results animation by:
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Character animation by Logan Himango:

Animation results/design by: /u/MunchkinPoopoo

Video impressed by ChilledCow’s lofi hip hop radio :


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  1. God Himself says:

    When am I supposed to do use this? When studying? I think it looks cool but what’s the practical use for these lofi videos other than watching the same animation for hours

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