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  1. I am Eloho has done a good video on this. These girls also do blackface and dressed up in sari's darkened their skin for that too. It's levels and their only comeback his hair choices of the race they are pretending to belong to

  2. This reminds me of those KARDASHIAN'S JENNER'S white girls

  3. You stay stealing from Lipstickalley

  4. TeeTee Thibodeaux

    This pissed me off when I saw it because growing up I hated my curly hair I hated that I got so dark in the summer. It’s refreshing to finally see ppl like me in the media, & it’s annoying to see ppl like this take the place and “represent” the black & brown girls of the world when they can find some actual black & brown girls… What pissed me off the most was the woman actually defended the black fishing & said they have every right to do what they are doing.

  5. I hate when people use ‘black face’ to describe this. This isn’t black face, it’s being a culture vulture.

  6. She could of used a black / Mixed girl this was bad of Bey

  7. It's not that deep the girl from star was white but look at her that's the face but the wigs was to much

  8. Melinda CHAMPAGNE

    Beyonce is a drag. Always has been. She knows exactly what's going on. It's her brand. Nothing she says or does surprises me.

  9. They look ridiculous 🙄. Why not just get models with the real looks if thats the look u r looking for? Stop the stealing!

  10. Why can’t people love how they look, stop trying to look like other people!!!!!

  11. Wtf is going on with white women wanting to look black? Goddamn, you hate us but want to be us! GTFOOH..THIS SHIT IS RIDICULOUS!!

  12. It is what it is…

  13. I don’t understand hire black women if that is the LOOK you are looking for.

  14. I'm white Muslim. And I don't wanna offend nobody. But this makes me feel bad. because in sun I go dark and I'm always asked am I mix race . Plus I feel like I'm being judged cause I'm white Muslim, I don't see colour I see humans , I wish the world would stop with race were all gods children, Amin

  15. Project IG Live with Ebony

    A lot of people are jealous but intrigued by black culture. Long and short they wanna be black so bad

  16. Complete nonsense. I’m sorry this is just embarrassing. These two ladies do not have black features they have stereotypical biracial/multiracial/racially ambiguous features. The black community needs to figure out where does black begin and where does it end. The fact that these women are even considered black shows how wide open the category is.

    These women do not have stereotypical black features. They are emulating aspects of it. But mainly ambiguous looking people

    If people want to drag her for doing black face. Which is actually guilty of there are pictures of her literally in black face. I’m on board. But this…nah black community doesn’t know where blackness begins and ends. As a Nigerian American I’m confused

  17. This again?! In 2020?! Nahhhh fammm 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  18. it is more than major mishaps how many time will we say it like, stop using our colour our beauty our features to profit but turn your backs to talk shit on us like make it make sense we are not costumes to wear and take off and to be saying that we always talk about this it is because you give us shit to talk about. create your own shit and stop stealing what is ours. it is tiring for real, you are taking opportunity away for people who actually deserve it. you want to be black but don't want to be treated as such. PICK A STRUGGLE YALL PICK YOUR STRUGGLE. and not the white/Russian girls defending the culture appropriating ass. ewwwww. thank for speaking on it Murad love you

  19. A storm in a teacup. Seen plenty of women of colour who wear European hair extensions. Why the selective outrage?

  20. Thank you so much for exposing this

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