I’m taking you behind the scenes to the making of Snoop Dogg’s I C Your Bullsh*t official music video from the album I Wanna Thank Me directed on my own and James Defina.

Watch the total music video right here:

See how we made Snoop journey again in time, pimp slap a plantation proprietor, name BS on . thots, reunite with Tupac and combat a T-rex with a light-weight saber.

Particular due to Hall Digital who did the Tupac deepfake for this video. Watch how they did it:


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48 thoughts on “Snoop Dogg, Tupac and a T-Rex, WHAT!? Making the I C Your

  1. Wd.Violet- Wire. c o m says:

    Who else believes using LSD, cocaïne and other psychedelic drug (or experiences @ Burning Man) can be an inspiration for making a music video like this …IN COMBINATION with selling your Soul….??

    I do!☝

  2. David Eranosian says:

    Hey man… I remember you from prank videos 10 goddamn years ago. I was 12 when I watched your videos. Then it stopped for a while. 10 years later, I suddenly see you again in my recommenden videos.

    Boy, you sure got your fame. I am happy to see you doing well, bro. Thanks for making videos for over 10 years now.

    Your YouTube channel was the go to place for me to get a laugh, to see how Jesse was doing, everything. It felt like I was your friend, someone I knew. And now you got 10mil subs, and live life.

    Cheers buddy, you earned it.

  3. Christopher Johnson says:

    Hmmmmm???? Where’s Casey? It’s a New World. Apparently, Snoop Taking Over. Commercials & Lifestyle. Look Out. Yo Yo Yo. World Imploding &
    Snoop looking for His Blunt. Ehhh ehh eh! Wow. You got a shirt, 👍 Nice! Talk about Teflon. CJ

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