Snoop Dogg – Can't Say Goodbye ft. 2Pac | RIP George

Snoop Dogg & 2Pac – Cannot Say Goodbye (2020) | Tribute impressed by 2Pac “Modifications” and devoted to 2Pac, Nipsey Hussle & George Floyd

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  1. RIP Georg3 Floyd 😭🖖 from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  2. rest in peace, Floyd, may you have the peace you so desperately gasped for. we'll carry the fight for you, we'll carry your last breath for you. We promise. All Lives Won't Matter Til Black Lives Matter.

  3. I like black people more than white..

  4. Came here after listening to the bigger picture by lil baby

  5. RIP George floyd nipsey 2pac juice world breonna taylor ahmaud arbery and most recent death rayshard brooks

  6. All I see is a lot of psyop agents 👎👎

  7. Leandro Lions andros


  8. Morgan Mariesainte

    One love for my people

  9. 🎶Once there was a man named george floyd
    But no his life is destroyed
    Cops where white standing across the facility
    Like come on this is reality
    I wish there was happily ever after
    Stop it all🚫
    So we would never fall from hate of cliff
    Now we gotta fix this
    And then stop anything on end
    Then no bend of hate we shall stop
    Killers murders viruses dangers and all bad
    Cuz like cmon dont give a blame to it sad too much
    We can fix also plastic pollution we can save all
    We need to try
    So we shall not be shy
    So end of the song and
    Now I'm gone gonna try
    Help somehow🎶

  10. asherpogi animations

    i love snoop dog

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