SiR – Rapper Weed (Lyrics) Ft. Boogie

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SiR – Rapper Weed (Lyrics) Ft. Boogie


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  1. Third BOIS
    Btw make this blue if u think
    cOvId 19 is here

  2. 20 likes😂

  3. Steal lyrics in the house baby🤩🤩🤩

  4. Damn good keep it up.✌

  5. My life is in harmony like 2 Wanyes (as in Wanye from Boyz II Men)

  6. Hamid Bobonazarov

    Boogie's part: "..with no steady pace, uh, fool you racin' to your own demise…" not fuckin' fugie racin' my guy

  7. John-Michael Wallace

    He's saying, "I copped an eighth like every day, BORROWED that shit from my mans."

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