Singer Reacts To "Rain On Me" by Girl Gaga &

I reviewed the BRAND NEW Girl Gaga and Ariana Grande music!

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Ariana Grande and Girl Gaga simply dropped their BRAND NEW music “Rain On Me” and I’ve watched the music video and reacted truthfully to each the music and the video. The music appears impressed by German dance music and the video by water. We get to see some stellar singing, some superior vfx and a few good and a few bizarre dance strikes.

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  1. lady gaga look like she about to do frog jump in some of the video

  2. 4:35
    When I get water in my ear and I try to get it out

  3. 24 maj 2020 Was Lady gaga kild by raining knifes

  4. This is your funniest commentary yet 😂👏🏼

  5. If Gaga retired I wouldn't miss her I'm tired if her but then again I was more of a mindless consumer than a true fan and same goes for Beyoncé; its ok if they retire but it seems the want to be immortal like Madonna.

  6. WOW nice edit Roomie👍

  7. utamantegalaxy Gamer

    Roomie pulling out the stabbing will increase risk of maggets and dangerous bacteria getting into the wound

  8. Julia maria Cepek

    Joel at Ariana's part: Ariana's singing. Amazing!

    Joel at lady gaga's part: LaDy GaGa DoN't PuLL tHe kNivE oUt

  9. the production sounds like its from 2009 because its a sample from 1979 using methods concieved in 2009

  10. WATCH THE INTRO AT 0.25 😂😂

  11. I know alkazar..they were kinda out there when I was younger lol

  12. Joel :I look ripped.
    Also Joel : wore the dress to keep my tummy in😂

  13. I honestly dont like this song, its weird

  14. Was that really you was really it

  15. The thing you said was German is a typical style of Madonnas and she is a massive Madonna fan and takes alot of inspiration off madonna

  16. ziju9820 ziju9820

    0:03 his laugh really fits this song

  17. Ngl most of the time was pausing then some talking about the paused part then continue lol

  18. Why is no-one talking about how Roomie said that he was a background dancer-

  19. Is it just me or does Lady Gaga look like Scarlett Johanson in some shots

  20. Id rather be drunk but at least I'm alone!!

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