Shwetabh and Salil speak about Youtube Rappers

.Shwetabh Gangwar and .Salil Jamdar & Co. discuss concerning the development of youtube rappers, rap music, and the lyrics.


youtube rapper lyrics

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  1. Sab chutiye hai sirf shwetabh hi bhagwan hai

  2. Baki ka nahi pata but india me 400-500k pure dhh samjte h including me. So ya its very underrated. The pure rap thing

  3. Lol….but that aggression is coz rap can be used to vent out anger Black ppl had gangs, rap was an expression abt sadness OR achievements And it's said that if they had beef/fight, instead of gunfights they engaged in rap battles to get pit anger after '80s…. Ik u are kidding, I personally didnt take offense but this mightnt age well after KPop culture vid😅😂😂😂

    And ppl do rap abt social topics n freestyle live

  4. ۷ɛɖąŋɬ ɖɧơƙɛ


  5. Rap originated the same way as revolutionary songs were made here. Rap was a powerful media to move a huge number of people. It didn't qualify as music back then so when people sang them it could affect fighters even if it didn't contain much melody.

  6. Kr$na,divine, raftaar, karma, young stunners,ikka..🔥

  7. 1st time in my life, I thought swetabh hasn't done proper research

  8. Listen to northeast India rappers like G'nie, UNB, meba, moko koza

  9. Check out Dev Next Level channel, one of India's best rapper and heavily underrated.

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