Establishing the Music Notification – MVVM Spotify Clone –

On this video we’ll write the performance to point out the music notification to pause/resume and skip songs.

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new music spotify

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  1. First comment🔥🔥🔥❤❤

  2. Good video!

  3. Thanks sir, but you write long code why don't using hilt dagger in this part ?

  4. Hello Mr. Philipp, I need a little help I have a question. I made a recyclerview following your video. I need another recyclerview in my video for another activity, do I have to create another data class and adapter for new recyclerview or can I use the previous one I made for an activity. If I can use the same one then please lead me to a video of how can I do that? please reply. I am learning android development all on my own and need help here. Thank you.

  5. very nice video , thank you

  6. Great videos man, one question tho why dont you use dagger for music services etc?

  7. Mohamed Islam Lemrini

    Great Content As Always ! I really appreciate your effort and keep on . i hope that you will make some videos on how to work with videos and music mp3 from local database and api

  8. a genuine thought bro you gotta slow down this isn't easy you have been running around like its a pro channel in a tutorial we expect you to explain things this is looking like a speed run of creating apps

    i myself have some experience of creating apps but this is going way too fast and way too hard just a suggestion

  9. kanakapalli anurag

    what is that suggestion plugin your using???? codata?

  10. Thank you so much!

  11. Great stuff. Very professional code

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