Scooter The Rapper Lyrics (Hey Fats Boy!)

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  1. Nice video. edit: plot twist: He DoEsEnT kNoW hOw To FiGhT…

  2. U don't post for 2 years and then post this?!
    R E T U R N O F T H E K I N G

  3. Do you still like chilly sml fan

  4. It’s on my iTunes already I love it 🥰

  5. StickMan Animations

    Whenever your whole channel is copying videos

  6. I like the part when it says yo yo here comes scooter and nice edits

  7. Scooters catchphrase: Hey fat boy

  8. I thought he said “Timeout” not “cmon”. IDK

  9. It'z MeltedWarior32

    Am i the only one that thought that when scooter said Buggy i thought he said Fuck it

  10. Yo-yo yo here comes scooter
    Don’t worry I am on my way
    Hey fat boy wanna fight (YUP)
    Wanna fight(okay)
    Wanna fight (WHATT)
    Hey fat boy wanna fight (alright)
    You wanna fight (let’s fight)
    You wanna fight (to night)
    Hey fat boy wanna fight (cmon)
    You wanna fight (let’s go)
    You wanna fight (your fat)
    Hey fat boy my name is scooter (it is)
    Look at my shirt (look at it) it says scooter(it does)
    I ride my scooter (I do)
    Down the street(look both ways)
    I can’t be beat(first place)
    So take a seat(sit down)
    I go to Walmart
    In my shopping cart(buggy)
    I hold in my farts
    Eat my pop tarts(there yummy)
    I’ll make u cry (boo hoo)
    punch you in the eye (ouch)
    Fart in your face and give you pink eye

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