18 thoughts on “Saturnine Saturnalia – Ville Valo HEARTAGRAM

  1. trinity Tipton says:

    Ville, thank you for making more amazing music with your personal style. It has helped me and so many people in life. I love you and the rest of the guys eternally. Definitely would not be who I am today with out you. I hope you realize how much you mean to so many lives. You are darling, and I am so happy I was able to see your farewell tour .

    Long live HIM

    Edit***totally getting emotional listening to this 😂😂 it's so beautiful and brings back memories and I'm happy there's new stuff.

  2. Orchan 2020 says:

    El emblema es un dibujo que hace alusión a Bafomet, personaje mitico de los sacrificios humanos a Baal. Es parte del culto a Saturno o Sol Negro. Saturno es un planeta que posee un hexágono en su polo norte del tamaño de dos tierras juntas. Algo que la ciencia no puede explicar pero que en la Tierra tiene su simbolismo en el sionismo practicado por Israel y su misterioso dios Yahvé. Que todo parece indicar es el mismo Baal.

  3. Gabriel Carvajal says:

    so what the idea? if you want to support him, you should not do this, make ur "own" video in ur channel. Let the official channel have all the views.

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