31 thoughts on “Salute the Sanguine

  1. Stefan Brodski says:

    I love this song… it's one of the strongest, most wonderful songs that Ville Valo ever made… a pleasure to listen to…

    BUT it's all about self harm and scarification! that's absolutely not alright and if you ever feel that you sympathise with this song or are tempted to enulge in the sick sin of scarification, please don't!

    Only a sick animal would hurt itself. Don't do it! Don't be that low. Talk to someone and get help… there's no shame. Scars are always ugly, but help and healing is always beautiful…

    Ville Valo is a grown man and should know better than to encourage impressionable, unintelligent people than to harm themself… and to tempt them to harm themselves by scarification or by tattoos with the new 'Heartagram' logo… it's plain sick in the head and irresponsible. Ville knows how many impressionable, vulnerable young souls he has in his grasp –
    Why not make something positive, like the next wave of personal training and improvement and striving for something better, together for Goths and outsiders… not pointless self destruction…

  2. LetShred says:

    2020 and still listening to Venus doom so this song good to ear for me. I saw HIM one time live in Montreal back in 2010 but I've been listening to them since love metal. I brought the album cover of Venus doom at the show to get it sign by the band, I ended up loosing the album cover in the crowd 🤦🏽‍♂️ still have the album but without the beautiful image on the front.. even if I love maybe 50% of their material, that 50% means so much to me.. I hope I'll see these guys play live again. Such a great band.

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