Ruff Majik – SonicBlast Fest 2020 (on-line version)

South-african stoner heroes Ruff Majik enjoying a particular set for SonicBlast Fest.

To purchase Ruff Majik’s music from Bandcamp:

If you wish to thank Ruff Majik for this particular set, you’ll be able to donate to their paypal account: ruffmajik..


brant bjork

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  1. É um hambúrguer vegetariano e uma mortalha, por favor

  2. These guys are awesome. Can't wait to hear them live in flesh again HAHAHA

  3. I love the shit outta this band!!!!

  4. All you need is speed is my new favorite 🖤🖤🖤 hell yeah

  5. 2 words BAD AZZZ

  6. Killer set! Please tour the US

  7. Always on point! Music is phenomenal,lyrics and vocals are amazing. Lastly,the artwork on the album covers!!!! These guys deserve more credit than they are given people!!

  8. The guy with a pink blazer sings like Chris Cornell, in my opinion.

  9. That Tele with the Bigsby is so sexy.

  10. best tunes out now!

  11. A really really good band!! from now, I'm one of your fans!

  12. Can't wait to feel your powers live. I'll promise to do my job and go absolutely nuts. You rock, sons!

  13. good music bad vocals

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