40 thoughts on “Roddy Ricch – Excessive Style (feat. Mustard) [Official Lyric

  1. Peek a boo 143 says:

    This is for all independent women who is looking for love and still can hold it down for her man

  2. Ricky Stout says:

    I'm 61 and feel this like I'm 21! And I'm not on pause becuz you have to keep the pace to stay in the race! Blessings!!

  3. Mustafe Hassan says:

    This is my favorite favorite song I see it in TickTock When I saw it I said what’s the name I think your name so I want to write why do you rich
    reaching out as a friend then you’re the one who made it

  4. Dre Tv says:

    ❗️I know you’re looking for REAL RAP MUSIC with creative BARS and CATCHY UNIQUE FLOWS💯 So check out my music. (Link in bio) It’ll be a LIFE CHANGING event❗️🔥

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