Roddy Ricch – Excessive Style (feat. Mustard) [Official Lyric

Roddy Ricch – Excessive Style (feat. Mustard) [Lyrics] Stream –

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  1. My Favoritee Songg! 😭😭💀

  2. This is for all independent women who is looking for love and still can hold it down for her man

  3. we need more songs like this

  4. Is that your natural eye color? btw ima huge fan😊

  5. Official IMVU Music Videos

    Roddy Ricch “Die Young” Official IMVU Music Video:

  6. the musick is nice


    I Love that song!! It’s Fire!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Keep goin’ Roddy! #RRChain

  8. Meiyanna Calloway

    I love u Roddy who ever else will like period

  9. This would it diferent with a video.
    Would be a greater hit ♡

  10. You are my third favorite singer of all time ❤️❤️❤️

  11. I'm 61 and feel this like I'm 21! And I'm not on pause becuz you have to keep the pace to stay in the race! Blessings!!

  12. This song makes me want to tell my parents to come home before dark

  13. Why every rap lyrics has designer clothes and jewelry even they jeweler

  14. você é muito bom mano.

  15. This is my favorite favorite song I see it in TickTock When I saw it I said what’s the name I think your name so I want to write why do you rich
    reaching out as a friend then you’re the one who made it

  16. ❗️I know you’re looking for REAL RAP MUSIC with creative BARS and CATCHY UNIQUE FLOWS💯 So check out my music. (Link in bio) It’ll be a LIFE CHANGING event❗️🔥

  17. Mustard is the new Dre… FACTS!!!!!

  18. One for the ladies you said ?

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