Rob Zombie – The South Will Rise

I do not fly or agree with the Democrat traitor insurgent flag…. however I do consider that is America, land of the free, and it is best to be capable of be improper if you wish to be. You possibly can’t pressure what’s proper on folks or what’s proper turns into what’s improper…. Once I was a child the Nazi Occasion and the KKK might march… it did not harm any good folks – we simply stood to the aspect and booed them after which we knew who they have been and what they stood for. We did not must burn something or topple any statues like morons….we simply used our brains and determined for ourselves. MORE


Rob Zombie

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  1. Duggs Metal Movie Jukebox

    I wonder how long it took Rob Zombie to come up with the lyrics to this one?

  2. Excellent video my friend 🙂 big like from us ^^ Hope you support me too

  3. Duggs Metal Movie Jukebox

    Hey look – I pissed off a libtard – awwwwwwww

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