Stress-free Sleep Music with Smooth Rain Sounds – Stress-free Music, Insomnia, Stress Aid Music


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40 thoughts on “Stress-free Sleep Music with Smooth Rain Sounds – Stress-free Music,

  1. 2fsarah says:

    hope is so painful because you really think things are going to get better and then they never do. it’s so temporary almost like a drug. in the end it all ends up hurting even more and happiness never actually comes. it’s a never ending loop

  2. Vin Tan says:

    The sad thing I realise after becoming adult is people don't care about my suffering but only my future sucess.
    I'm struggling yet crying in heart all alone. I pray one day I can be happy

  3. Aubrey J says:

    I wonder if this is what falling in love sounds like.

    (not my original quote, but I was really feeling it here, thanks to the wise other YouTuber who provided me with this insight)❤️😴🎵

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