Rapper Killer Mike urges calm amid violence in Atlanta

joined Keisha Lance Bottoms on Friday evening in an try and stem the violent raging by town. The gave an emotional plea for protesters to arrange and vote for extra progressive leaders to struggle systemic racism — however he urged them to not destroy town.


38 thoughts on “Rapper Killer Mike urges calm amid violence in Atlanta

  1. Rıdvan Bilgiç says:

    Your previous president was a black male, darning US. Where's your mind and sanity gone to?!?

  2. Leslie Holland says:

    Beautifully said. This little old white lady is sharing your message. Thank you for spreading the truth.

  3. Tyler ThaGr8 says:

    CBS needs to do the same thing. Quit the fear mongering I know you love your ratings but try to love people more.

  4. Scott Bowyer says:

    Hey there Mike you're beloved rioters killed a 77 year old retired officer yesterday. Oh ya I almost forgot, the officer was black

  5. M K64 says:

    Read his lyrics you idiots. Women are treated like sexual pieces of meat and multiple derogatory lyrics about gay males. Being black doesn't give you a pass to BE A BIGOT.

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