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Keep dwelling, Keep secure, preserve Social Distancing and let’s finish racism as a result of we’re all Indians 🇮🇳
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Composed, written, carried out, combined, mastered – Rapper Huge Deal
Story & Course – Eureka Apta
Particular Thanks – Sachin Das Burma(SDB Creations)
Asst Director – Prashant Singh
DOP, Modifying, Colorist – Sandip Kumar
Cinematography – Okay. Siddharth
Spot Help – Kahna, Sachin
Footage Contributor: Biswajit Bhowal, Assam

Joanna Wang
Asish Anshuman

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Why you name me 😷, by calling me this do you suppose you will not get the illness?
I am talking Hindi however I guess you suppose I am from China proper?
Does this virus select too? Black or white or skinny or fats?
Does this virus select too? Tall or brief or huge or small? Let’s examine what occurs
You spat paan on my face, how do I take away these stains from my mind?
Your youngsters additionally demean me, what do I educate them?
You threw me out of my very own home, the place do I’m going?
and now, all I wanna know is…

Why you name me 😷

Why you name me 😷, do these viruses see variations in individuals?
Do these viruses see your Face?
Do these viruses see the colour of your pores and skin?
Jackie chan, Amitabh Bachan. Donald trump, Stevie marvel,
All of them are totally different however nonetheless they’re one on this struggle,
Have a whole lot of variations however nonetheless they’re noble,
Open your eyes and look me in my eyes,
I do know my eyes are small however they inform a story of agony,
I am standing up for our Nationwide Anthem,
however how many individuals from my nation are standing up for me?
I really like my nation, the attractive and ugly/
Nobody’s under & nobody’s above me/
I am hoping you like me again, and

Do not name me 😷*4

#NorthEastIndia #RapperBigDeal


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  1. https://youtu.be/ursQw092npw
    He is a born rapper guyz from northeast,assam🤘🌹plzzz support him……

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    Lots of love from odisha💓💞💓💞💓💞

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  4. i stand up against all these people bro pr samney se wo khud kh dete abe jaane de na…so how do i fight…btw daadhi m bhai gazb lg rha hai bhai mera….keep growing bhai🙏🙏

  5. I'm from Tripura but I would be proud to introduce myself as … NORTHEASTERN Indian coz we all northeasterns are Together and United.

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  7. I love you rapping style 😙

  8. Rosy Nengneivah Haokip videos

    I really love this guy, he has the true feeling how it feels when someone bullies or harass us.
    Love from Assam

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    Odia rapper odisha boy

  10. Super Bhai 😘😘

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