Poison Coronary heart | CJ Ramone stay | Rockpalast 2009

C.J. Ramone alias Christopher Joseph Ward warfare von 1989 bis 1996 Bassist bei den Ramones. Bei Auftritten seiner aktuelle Gruppe als Vorband von Die Toten Hosen spielt er unter anderem Hits aus seiner Ramones-Zeit.

CJ Ramone – vocals, bass
Daniel Rey – guitar
Brant Bjork – drums

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6 thoughts on “Poison Coronary heart | CJ Ramone stay | Rockpalast 2009

  1. Michael R. says:

    Good live version of the song. It is a difficult song to pull off and actually have it sound good live as a 3 piece. I have always found that this song really suffered live without the additional guitar parts from the studio version. It suffered live in the same way that Pet Semetary suffered live without the extra guitar and keyboard parts. Still great songs, but some of the emotion is lost without the extra guitar lines. Regardless, great songs performed well and it is always awesome to see CJ carrying the Ramones flag.

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