Pete Davidson "Drake" Music Video – SNL

Pete Davidson channels Drake in a music video about lacking an ex whereas in quarantine.

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  1. LMFAO so much accuracy tho

  2. Pretty catchy tune 😂

  3. Love this guy…always a good laugh no bs

  4. Pete Davidson needs to make more music videos

  5. Pete: my heart has bruises too
    10 year olds: that deep
    Me: That’s de- damn, it’s spreading

  6. chipper drinkard

    Is this on spotify?

  7. Yeah!!! Do DAT shyt!

  8. this is a lil painful to watch. its like supporting your bros wack mixtape. i guess thats the point tho.

  9. Lowkey catchyyy

  10. Sarah Quane Smyth

    That was so good.

  11. Honestly, this gets stuck in my head all the time
    It's just a great song

  12. I am so in love with Pete. I need more.

  13. Waiting for the day he drops one on us

  14. Pete saying "my baby gurl" Lord have mercy on my poor soul. dead

  15. I keep getting the chorus stuck in my head. Thanks a lot Pete lol

  16. SOMEONE PLZ LET PETE KNOW THAT IVE BEEN CRUSHING ON HIM SINCE DAY ONE !! I’m so in love w his personality plus we have the same mental illnesses && his comedy has helped me so much🖤 I love his smile, just everything about him!! But I’m not pretty enough or famous for him to notice me but if by chance he sees this, Pete you’re gonna make it a long way! I truly love EVERYTHING you do. You’re a genius! I wish nothing but happiness upon you && hope to one day see your little family that you start (even tho ima be jealous) lmao 😂. Love you pete!!!

  17. I am such a big fan of Pete Davidson. Just love this guy.

  18. Lol super cute and hilarious 😍

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