One Route – 10 Years of One Route

#10YearsOf1D #10YearsOfOneDirection

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  1. Aw I miss you guys💘

  2. I’m crying

  3. Vuelvan por favor se los suplico 🆔😟🙏🕯

  4. if one direction came back imagine how much happier people would be, imagine how much higher their fanbase would get and how big it already got. they would break so many records i’m crying i miss them

  5. Love you one direction…….hope you guys will reunite soon 💓💓💓💓💓

  6. How much it will take to bring them back please the world is an empty place without these guys . Plzzz anyone reading this comment spread it as much as you can till it reaches to them . Zayn , Harry , Niall , Liam, Louis please come back guys all yours your fans want to see you guys back together happy strong .❤️

  7. Fun fact: You searched for this

  8. I miss them!!!!

  9. guys. If someone isn’t directioner for 10 years it doesn’t mean that he can’t be „real” directioner okey? Real directioner is a fan who love their music and love themselfs and supporting 1D. Be proud of new fans bc its means that One Direction is the best band in this world!! Be open for new things❤️ Be tollerant and treat people with kiddnes

  10. Amritha Rameshkanna [Student]


  11. Though I wasn't/am not a directioner but I wish If they could come back😣..
    If they ever come back again Count me as a Directioner💘🌈

  12. Anonymous Everywhere

    These 5 boys ruled the world in 2010-2013

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