Nicole Kidman Sings And Dances Alongside To Keith City's

Nicole Kidman sings and dances as Keith City places on a free live performance on . dwell for followers world wide who proceed social distancing measures on account of COVID-19. Plus, see which different musicians are placing on digital concert events in the course of the coronavirus pandemic, together with Coldplay’s Chris Martin and P!nk.

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keith city

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  1. I love YELLOW
    And nicole cant dance bless her heart

  2. they looks so ridiculous…She can't dance at all, she looks horrible , so does he, with her 70's jeans. He is a complete narcissistic….Who wants to see them with a epidemic going on. Ridiculous

  3. How nice it would be to be able to sing and play for the public, and that people would want to hear it. And how nice that all these artists are doing this. Very cool.

  4. thanks for the goosies Pink!

  5. Nicole Kidman can’t dance! Pink can sing!!

  6. I watched this live and it was absolutely fantastic. This is just what we needed!

  7. Desperate stars craving attention…..pathetic.

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