My FIRST TIME Listening to YELAWOLF – "Greatest Good friend" ft.

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My FIRST Listening to – “Greatest Good ” ft. (REACTION)


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my first listening to yelawolf finest good eminem response finest



20 thoughts on “My FIRST TIME Listening to YELAWOLF – "Greatest Good friend" ft.

  1. Jonas Schewelius says:

    it's so fucking amazing how everytime eminem features on another artist song, it becomes eminems song. Every time he open his mouth, just greatness comes out. fucking goat.

  2. aobeirne12 says:

    You should react to Catfish Billy, Pop The Trunk, Opie Taylor, Trailerpark Hollywood, Unnatural Born Killer, American You, anything by Yela 👌🏻

  3. Falutrollet says:

    You should react to Hevisaurus – 100. Its a program for kids and i wish i had that shit when i was small! this also explains why finish are bad ass at making metal!
    And when it comes to Power metal you should react to Theocracy – mirror of souls and Lost Horizon – highlander. And you should really check out the band; Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas.

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