My FIRST TIME Listening to YELAWOLF – "Greatest Good friend" ft.

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My FIRST TIME Listening to YELAWOLF – “Greatest Good friend” ft. Eminem (REACTION)


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my first time listening to yelawolf finest good friend eminem response finest alex hefner



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  1. Chris Webby-superhuman.

  2. React to Yelawolf “Daddy’s Lambo”

  3. you really need to listen to Tiill iits gone!!!!

  4. Jonas Schewelius

    it's so fucking amazing how everytime eminem features on another artist song, it becomes eminems song. Every time he open his mouth, just greatness comes out. fucking goat.

  5. You should react to Catfish Billy, Pop The Trunk, Opie Taylor, Trailerpark Hollywood, Unnatural Born Killer, American You, anything by Yela 👌🏻

  6. the Real Rohagon

    Amazing song but a terrible intro to yelawolf, this is Em's song

  7. You should react to Hevisaurus – 100. Its a program for kids and i wish i had that shit when i was small! this also explains why finish are bad ass at making metal!
    And when it comes to Power metal you should react to Theocracy – mirror of souls and Lost Horizon – highlander. And you should really check out the band; Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas.

  8. Memphis may fire – Faint ! it is a super awesome Linkin Park cover

  9. Till it's Gone and Row your Boat. Great Songs

  10. Good morning..ow

  11. The whole state of NC?

  12. F. Hotel 2 mattreesss

  13. Crying deeply

  14. The big deal

  15. What song is that in the end??

  16. Do more of Yelawolf. He is the doppest artist ever!! Till its gone. Or any other track

  17. This whole album is great. One of THE best albums ever made. In my opinion.

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