MY DAD REACTS Jack Harlow – WHATS POPPIN feat. Dababy, Tory

Promoted Artist : Mc 2whanne
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lil wayne

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  1. Took y’all like hella long to finally do this one😂 next up you should do only you freestyle by headie one and drake. Drake pops off fr fr

  2. She said Reebok tho? New Balance is a unique deal. He can be the reason for new color ways

  3. Nobody:
    Your dad: Cause you know in the 90’s


  4. Wayne ate the verse y’all just can’t relate to the punchlines

  5. React to Stogie T from South Africa’s freestyle on sway guaranteed to blow a lot of mumble rappers from the States out of the water ,Sway even said.. it please check it out,as well as A Reece and Nasty C,Papz gone appreciate the pen game 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Personally to me Wayne had the best verse cuz in the video at first I was confused but after looking at the lyric video Wayne was hitting some bars I never caught from the video

  7. Fasure NB made a come back up in here philly a couple years back , you see 990s all day

  8. Lmaoooo Tory's hair got roasted haha

  9. Tenisha Campbell

    New balance the shit

  10. I love your videos and everything but This copyright pause had me, I rather you just pause the video

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