This video exhibits you a very free, simple course of for shifting saved playlists and preferred songs from one platform to a different. This video exhibits Google Play Music to Spotify, however the course of can be comparable for different platforms as nicely.

Playlist mover:

0:00 – Rationalization
0:47 – Technique
4:30 – Unlinking & Safety
6:02 – Pace

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Every little thing on this video is my private opinion and expertise, and shouldn’t be thought of skilled recommendation. At all times do your individual analysis and ensure what you are doing is secure.


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20 thoughts on “Transfer Playlists to a different platform | Google Play to Spotify

  1. Josiah Stearns says:

    Not super fast but it takes SOME of the havoc out of doing it manually.

    Which is pretty much the main point considering it's an automated service with no money spent.

    That being said, it's not foolproof.
    I Tried it out porting from Google Play Music to Spotify

    – If you are someone who is particular about the order of the songs in your playlist, from the way it looks this won't always keep the order of songs that you have added,

    – Also when it scans through your playlist and searches for these songs on Spotify (or possibly any Music service) it can, at times, mistake one song for another or even search for a song that's named after the artist instead of actually searching for the song title. (Example: if it were to search for "Over my head (Cable car) by The Fray – the result would come back as "The Fray" by some other artist)

    – On top of that, out of my test run of a playlist of 120 songs or so, 23 came back missing. However after I manually searched for the songs, so far I am able to find all the songs that it couldn't find.

    So I can only imagine what would happen if you had a playlist that had 500 to a few thousand songs.
    It's possible you could have as many as 350+ songs you'd have to manually search for.

    Again, this is a free service. So you had to know that there would be a chance for gimmicks and such. So it is what it is. Just thought you should be aware in case you try it out.

    The video was great and easy to understand. The service however should be taken with a grain of salt.

  2. John Rutledge says:

    Will this transfer everything from GPM or only songs I have put into playlists?
    I have a massive amount of music stored in the actual library that has not been sorted into playists which I would like to transfer before GPM dies.
    I am also not paying for spotify yet will I need a premium account before I attempt the transfer?
    Any advice welcome.

  3. marco lopez says:

    If you have wifi speakers u won't like youtube. I have sonos wifi speakers and have to use the sonos controller to play my yt music playlist which I found out 2 weeks ago it has a 99 playlist limit;( I have about 300 playlist on YouTube my sonos wifi speakers are useless because of youtube not having the ability to cast straight from app like spotify. So for this reason iam living youtube and will be transferring all my yt music playlist to spotify

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