“Time Served” out now:

Observe Moneybagg Yo:

[Verse 1] Left a present, then I hopped within the sales space (I did)
I used to be walkin’, I jumped within the coupe (Skrrt)
Out the financial institution, cash sticky like glue (It’s)
With guerillas, I am nonetheless within the zoo (Crew)
I can not get out the streets ‘trigger I really like ’em (Love ’em)
Why you continue to within the entice if you happen to buzzin’? (I do not know)
You on hearth, you sizzling as a oven (Fireplace)
Fuck a bitch ‘trigger they arrive by the dozen (Uh)
I can not fuck with you, dawg, you may inform on somethin’
Ayy, go lookup my title, I ain’t inform on nothin’ (No)
I can not hold no extra, I am busy (Busy)
Elevated, upgraded my picture (Picture)
I obtained open, I am lickin’ her titties (For actual)
Give her dick, she come again; a frisbee (Proper now)
I am the subject, they’re talkin’, I am trendin’ (Trendin’)
No recommendation, like fuck your opinion (Fuck)
You possibly can go and ask G, that my witness (Large homie)
I used to be simply broke as fuck within the trenches (I used to be)
Now it is G-Wagen vehicles within the trenches (Pull up)
Pockets stuffed, ’bout to bust out the britches (Woah)
Credit score good, I obtained stripes like a Visa (Visa)
Bread and sauce like a slice of the pizza (The pizza)
Weigh that dope on the size like a Libra (Again then)
I used to be chargin’ the shit out them folks (Them federal days)
I obtained niggas that is gone, in jail or deceased
They do not obtained a voice, so I’ma converse
Irrespective of the strain, I stand on each ft
I am going to get you touched from afar, I obtained attain (Anyplace)
Lookin’ for me within the metropolis, converse up, tell us
I let Grape ‘nem work the Drac’ (Who?), OVO (What?) they gon’ blow
Noticed on the ‘gram they dealt with your man (Rattling)
Web powerful, he ought to’ve give up playin’
Would’ve paid for the funeral, however he a opp
I am going to minimize off my ft earlier than I flip-flop
My pockets in form, I obtained ’em tip high (Ft)
Lean in my soda, however I am going to by no means go pop
Discuss so dangerous about her, I assumed they weren’t cool
After I fucked her pal, she put me on block (She road)

[Interlude] Hahaha, all my previous hoes say I act new and shit
If I used to be them, I might be missin’ me too, hey

[Verse 2] I placed on Dior to go purchase some Louis
We not the identical in any respect (By no means)
These niggas petty, they pussy, they coochie
You not the gang in any respect (By no means)
My younger nigga solvin’ them issues regardless
Steppin’ on shit with no shoe on (Shoe on)
Should’ve misplaced my thoughts after I went to Shine
Spent 150 for some screw-ons
Cannot be on…


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