Metallic Guitarist React – Keith City (Satan Went Right down to

What occurs when a person of the nation music has a little bit little bit of the satan in him.

By no means doubted you for a second there Keith.


keith city

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  1. I'm A HUGE Keith Urban fan and I had never seen this before so thanks for playing it! This is a song originally done by Charlie Daniels and the title is The Devil Went Down To Geogia hence the reason Nashville is in quotations in Keith's version. Charlie's version is about a fiddle player and Keith has changed it up to be about guitar playing. Fantastic to see this.
    Thanks again.
    Sheila in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  2. You gotta check out the original The Devil Went Down To Georgia – The Charlie Daniels Band

  3. Lmfao, the guy ur mum loves. Hahaha so true

  4. Not metal but Keith is a shredder! Check out Stupid Boy live! Keith is well respected among guitar Masters. This clip is from the early 90’s when Keith was playing the bar scenes non-stop…paying his dues.

  5. Keith is COUNTRY! His live shows are the best…2 hours of nonstop entertainment

  6. Cocaine cowboy back in the 90's

  7. Anthony Mcdonald

    You shouldn't be surprised , he has been playing professionally for 30+ years and started out as a session guitarist . Growing up in Oz you can bet he cut his teeth playing AC/DC covers as a kid .

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