Compilation of Metallic album releases july 2020 Week 28 (6-12.7.2020)(Thrash Metallic, Black Metallic, Dying Metallic, Energy Metallic, Heavy Metallic, Hardcore, Doom Metallic, Stoner Metallic, Sludge Metallic, Laborious Rock and so forth.) álbumes de metallic 2020 julio

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Background music:
Alien Queen – Matriarch
Everlasting Rot – Putridarium
Rites of Daath – Doom Spirit Emanation
Skeletal – Bitterness and Burning Hatred
Uerberos – Stand over Your Grave
Crowley – Evil Bride
Decrepid – Infinite Sea of Graves
Drainbow – The Tower of Flints
Mercyless – The Mom of All Plagues
NTIZKVM – Genocidal Supremacist Kvlt II
Sleestak – Aeon
Strangle – Nation Failed
VII Batallón de la Muerte – Semper Patriae Servire Praesto
Alizarin –  The Final Semblance 
Aseitas –  False Peace 
Battle Dagorath – Abyss Horizons
Bloody Heels –  Ignite The Sky 
Bryan Eckermann – The seventh Sin
Daybreak Of Ashes –  The Antinomian 
Daybreak Of A Darkish Age –  La Tavola Osca 
Decay –  Staring At The Solar 
Devastator –  Baptised In Blasphemy 
Embr – 1823
Ensiferum –  Thalassic 
Enuff Z’Nuff –  Brainwashed Era 
Executioner’s Masks –  Despair Anthems 
Inter Arma –  Garbers Days Revisited 
Kingnomad –  Sagan Om Rymden 
Laetitia in Holocaust – Heritage
Land of Fog – Morbid Enigmas
Martyrium – Abandon Hope
Meridian Daybreak –  The Fever Syndrome 
Michael Grant & The Assassins –  All the time The Villain 
Nodus Tollens –  Melancholic Waters Ablaze With The Fires Of Loss 
Osyron –  Foundations 
Insurgent Wizard –  Magickal Mystical Indifference 
Sail –  Model 
Saints Of Dying –  Ascend To The Throne 
Seventh – Vacarme
Skeleton –  Skeleton 
SpiritWorld –  Pagan Rhythms 
Static-X –  Challenge Regeneration Quantity 1 
Ten Foot Wizard –  Get Out Of Your Thoughts 
Tokyo Motor Fist –  Lions 
Wanderer –  Awakening Drive


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