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Meek Mill – Otherside of America Lyrics BABEL
Otherside of America by Meek Mill lyrics video
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[Intro: Donald Trump] What do it’s a must to lose?
You are residing in poverty
Your faculties aren’t any good
You don’t have any jobs
58% of your youth is unemployed
What the hell do you must lose?

[Refrain: Meek Mill] Reportin’ stay from the opposite facet of America

[Verse 1] Mama let me sip the forty, I used to be only a shorty (Rattling)
Then I began spittin’ godly, then they stated ‘document me’
I really feel like this shit was for me, this shit simply my story (Info)
Yeah, uh
Jumped off the porch, uh
I received a Porsche, will not take it again
I am on the block with the killers and holdin’ my very own, in fact (Yeah, test, test)
I seen my mother and pop separate, ain’t talkin’ divorce (Talkin’ divorce)
Mentioned daddy was livin’ by the hearth, and he died by the torch (Test, test)
I am the place the AKs is, we just like the Bébé’s Children
Ain’t have a daddy, I listened to suckas the identical manner that Ray Ray did
I am totin’ Smith &’s and HKs and I simply was a grade A child
Ain’t haven’t any steering, we grew up with hitters and did all the pieces they stated
Level out the block, we spinnin’ that (Spinnin’)
Run within the spot, we gettin’ that (Get it)
Give us some work, we flippin’ that (Flippin’)
I am hittin’ from jail, they ain’t hittin’ again
I would like a lawyer, cash for commissary, and no person ain’t sendin’ that
I am in my cell like, “Once I get out, I am makin’ a film, no Cinemax” (Woo)
Yeah, again residence and I am recent on bail
Telephone chirpin’, it was subsequent to Inform
Block poppin’, it was additional gross sales
Large canine, they ain’t showin’ regret
I used to be beggin’ simply to catch a sale
Identical block, we was goin’ to conflict
I used to be prayin’ I ain’t catch a shell (Test)

[Chorus] Uh, we was starvin’ for a thousand nights
Livin’ like we tryna die tonight
Glock .40 sound like dynamite
I used to be fuckin’ up my cop cash
Sellin’ cleaning soap prefer it’s China white
OG’s stated, “You fuckin’ the block up”
I used to be mad, I used to be tryna combat
Nigga, we hungry
Mama at work, daddy, he lifeless, nigga we lonely
Abdomen growlin’ like a AMG, goin’ to mattress, we hungry
Uzi on me, all my associates are lifeless, nigga, we…


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