22 thoughts on “Macklemore – Trump's Over Freestyle

  1. J_Allen20 says:

    So glad he's gone! Now that we've had roughly 4 years of the closest we've been to World Peace and not getting involved in any wars and lower prescription drug costs and record low unemployment, including record low unemployment among blacks and latinos, and continuous stock market record highs (even despite the pandemic) and continuous increase in middle class incomes, and poverty rates at record lows and income tax cuts for families making less than 75k per year and increase to the child tax credit and had us on track to become energy dependent instead of relying on foreign nations for gas and oil which led to the lowest gas prices we've seen since before Obama took office, and, well, it doesn't matter. NOW we can get back to doing what we always did. Biden has already nixed the pipeline, banned fracking (which he swore not to do during his campaign) put over 70k people on unemployment, rolled back Trump's executive order on big pharma costs which will now double and triple the price on insulin, and other needed prescription drugs which will increase everyone's insurance, also essentially destroyed women sports as we know it, is sending troops to Syria (after Trump spent 4 years bringing as many troops home as he could), is mandating a $15 minimum wage, which sounds good, but is going to results in approximately 1.7 million jobs lost almost immediately, and violated his own mask mandate within hours of signing it. And that's all within 2 days! Can't wait to see what he does next week!

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